Cowboy Midstream Pipelines


Cowboy Midstream, LLC currently owns and operates two crude oil gathering pipelines.

One is the Powell Lateral II Pipeline & Truck Offload Facility in the Power River Basin.  Our Ross Road Truck Terminal is capable of offloading and shipping Powder River crude in volumes of up to 20,000 bbls/day.  Ross Road Terminal is strategically placed in the Powder River Basin on Ross Road and sits directly adjacent, and is tied into, Cowboy Midstream’s Powell Lateral II Pipeline.  Ross Road Terminal includes two fully automated truck offloading LACT units, storage capacity of 10,000 barrels, full MCC and redundant pipeline pumps.

Powell Lateral II is connected into a larger transmission system that will give Shippers the opportunity to access and capitalize on multiple markets for their Powder River crude.

Our other system is Grieve Pipeline, operated as Grieve Pipeline, LLC.  This crude oil pipeline is a gravity fed line.  Grieve originates in the Rattlesnake Mountains and delivers crude oil to the Casper market.